Hardwood Flooring

Since the early 1980s, hardwood floors has undergone an exceptional resurgence in popularity, both for residential and business construction. To those of us in the flooring business, this comes as no surprise; for even though other substances can be cheaper or faster to put in, hardwood flooring keeps a beauty, warmth, and durability that’s difficult to match.

In one form or another, hardwood flooring has been afoot for centuries but in a few ways, it’s simply now in its heyday. Because home consumers have emerge as discerning sufficient to insist on wood flooring, the organizations that make it have introduced flooring in unprecedented variety. As these days as a decade ago, oak strip flooring become the standard, if alternatively limited, fare.

Today, you may buy hardwood floors in dozens of species, and no longer just strip flooring, either, but within the extensive planks once found best in well-preserved duration homes. If you may’t discover the strip or plank flooring to match you, it’s a simple rely to have floors made to order. Parquet flooring, which was tough to come back by at some point of the 1960s, is as soon as again to be had in a wide variety. Along with the hardwood flooring have come new finishes which are quicker to use and more long lasting than the coatings they replace.

All of this means that it’s now greater realistic than ever for the owner-builder to put in a new floor or to refurbish an vintage one. Note that 1 said “realistic” and now not “easy.” I don’t for an immediately pretend that floors is easy. Carting bundles of floors up a flight of stairs, puzzling out a layout, and nailing the floor down are all physically and mentally traumatic tasks. It’s not the sort of thing you can rush into and count on excellent results. Nonetheless, laying a wooden ground is well in the capacity of everybody with average tool dexterity. It takes very few unique tools, substances are readily available, and, if this ebook does its job, the competencies will come quickly.

We might be covering three major kinds of hardwood flooring: strip, plank, and parquet. Through drawings, photos, and text, I actually have attempted to provide an explanation for as very well as possible the way to installation each type of flooring. However, I have never covered every variation of each type, preferring as a substitute to convey enough basics to let you interpolate answers for problems no longer mainly discussed. Like any other alternate, flooring has its percentage of “unique cases” – what to do, for example, whilst new floors should match vintage or how to cope with radiant heating. I’ve tried to include real-world answers to these problems, however again, now not every state of affairs is covered.

As are all endeavors, this e book is a bit of a compromise. I have written it broadly speaking with the experienced owner-builder in mind, so maximum of the ebook is dedicated to distinct how-to statistics on installing timber floors. However, readers who want to subcontract the paintings to a professional will also locate beneficial records, especially in the article which offers with deciding on and specifying floors, and the article which explains fabric grading rules.

These (and all of the different articles) must additionally be informative to architects, designers, and developers who may occasionally want to address flooring contractors. And although 1 doesn’t intend this web site as a exchange manual, I hope expert hardwood floors mechanics will discover useful nuggets inside its pages.